30 March to 05 April 2020 one-liner current affairs in English

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Best Current Affairs one liner current affairs Gk Update of 30 March to 05 April 2020 For Railway NTPC  And UPSC, IAS, Bank Exams And All Govt Jobs. 

30 March to 05 April 2020 current affairs quiz in English.

Weekly one liner current affairs 30 March to 05 April 2020 current affairs quiz in English.

This is for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs exam preparations.

It is available only on gsmastermind.com for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current aff

Daily current affairs

airs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs

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Daily current affairs

Current Affairs Weekly One Line March 2020.

In this article Read 30 March to 05 April 2020 current affairs quiz in English online current affairs. Get all online Current affair for your exam preparations. We provide daily Current affairs for SSC, Railway Jobs, Bank Jobs, RBI jobs, IBPS PO 2020 and UGC Net 2020. Visit Daily Our Website and Learn Daily Current Affairs for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs. Learn Online Daily only on gsmastermind.com Like gk current affairsgeneral knowledge questions and answers for Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs. GsMasterMind is has been presenting the selected and important Top 10 Current Affairs One Line Quiz of the whole week for our students and readers. Current Affairs are the most important part of the preparation of competitive exams. We presenting Important information related to the Weekly Online Current Affairs. In this Post, We Discuss the online current affairs in English 16 March to 21 March 2020.The gk current affairs for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs In English. It Is For the convenience of the readers and Students. We Also Provide Daily And Weekly Current Affairs Quizzes for Exam Preparations. We update daily Top 10 Current Affairs, Gk Current Affairs For Our Students And Readers Preparing For Competitive Exams Like NTA UGC Net, Bank EXAMS, UPSC, IAS, Etc.

30 March to 05 April 2020 current affairs quiz In English

Let’s Start the Learning of 16 March to 21 March 2020online current affairs Weekly One Line Quiz for UPSC, IAS, UKSSC, bank exams and all govt jobs only on gsmastermind.com for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs.

30 March to 05 April 2020 current affairs quiz In English

16 March to 21 March 2020 Current Affairs Weekly One Line Quiz for UPSC, IAS, UKSSC, bank exams and all govt jobs only on gsmastermind.com for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz: 30 March to 05 April 2020

1. Which state government has decided to purchase a multi-feed oxygen manifold developed by the Indian Navy, Visakhapatnam to cater to the need for oxygen supply to COVID-19 patients? a. Bihar b. Jharkhand c. Andhra Pradesh d. Punjab 2. Recently, which organization has designed state-of-the-art masks, sanitizers and ‘bio suits’ in view of the growing threat of Coronavirus in the country? a. DRDO b. CRPF c. ISRO d. United Nations 3. According to the order of the Central Government, how much amount of money will be given every month for three months in the Jan Dhan account of women? a.0 1000 rupees b. 1500 rupees c. 750 rupees d. 500 rupees 4. According to which state pollution control board, the pollution of Cauvery and other rivers in the old Mysore region has declined due to strict compliance of the recently implemented 21-day lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic? a. Tamil Nadu b. Kerala c. Karnataka d. Maharashtra 5. Which state government has decided to purchase a Navy-developed multi-feed oxygen manifold (MOM) for COVID-19 patients? a. Bihar b. Punjab c. Karnataka d. Andra Pradesh 6. According to the central government, how long will a citizen living in Jammu and Kashmir be entitled to domicile? a. 10 years b. 07 years c. 15 years d. 12 years 7. According to the World Water Development Report released by which organization, climate change will affect the availability, quality and quantity of water for basic human needs, which will affect the basic human rights of water and the availability of clean water for billions of people? a. World Bank b. United Nations c. RBI d. None of these 8. Odisha Day is observed on which of the following days? a. 30 March b. 15 January c. 01 April d. 10 March
9. On which of the following days is the Foundation Day of the Reserve Bank of India celebrated? a. 10 March b. 01 April c. 15 January d. 10 April 10. The interest rate for the Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme has been reduced from 8.4 percent to what percentage? a. 7.1 percent b. 7.3 percent c. 7.5 percent d. 7.6 percent



1.c. The Andhra Pradesh portable multi-feed oxygen manifold equipment was designed by Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam using a six-way header and single cylinder. This means that a single oxygen cylinder can be used to supply oxygen to six patients.
2.a. Among the four products that DRDO has designed, DRDO is hand sanitizer, critical care ventilator, N99 mask, and bodysuit. DRDO has prepared a special ‘Bio Suite’ for doctors and health workers engaged in the treatment of corona infections. This suit will protect health workers and doctors from infection. According to officials, this ‘bio-suit’ will work as a personal protective device (PPE). Considering the increasing need in the country, preparations are being made to make about 15 thousand suits daily. 3d. 500 rupees After announcing the lockdown in the country, the government will add 500 rupees every month to the Jan Dhan account of poor women. The amount of this help will be given to the government for three months. The government has opened savings accounts on zero balance under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. This amount will be provided in these accounts only. This amount will be given under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana.
4.c. Karnataka According to the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, the water quality of the Cauvery and its tributaries has seen so much improvement that such water quality was found in these rivers decades ago. Restrictions on industrial and religious activities during the lockdown have helped reduce pollution levels in rivers. Water pollution is the change in physicochemical and biological characteristics that produce harmful effects.


5.d. Andhra Pradesh The government of Andhra Pradesh has come forward to purchase a liftable ‘Multi-Feed Oxygen Manifold’ (MOM). This will help in meeting any emergency needs of oxygen supply to the coronavirus patients. This equipment has been developed by the Navy personnel in Visakhapatnam. Initially, the Navy offered to give some ‘mom’ to Andhra Pradesh for free. Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam (NDV) personnel have designed this innovative ‘portable multi-feed oxygen manifold’. 6.c. 15 years, the the central government has recently implemented domicile in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is an important decision. Now citizens living in the state for 15 years will be entitled to this domicile. Children who have studied in the schools of the state for seven years and have given the examination of class X or XII will also be entitled to domicile. 7.b. According to the UN report, hydrological change induced by climate change will increase the challenge for sustainable management of water resources, which are already under severe pressure in most areas of the world. Food security, human health, urban and rural life, energy production, industrial development, economic development, and ecosystems are all dependent on water and are sensitive to the effects of climate change. Thus, climate change adaptation and mitigation through water management is important for sustainable development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 2030.


8.c. April 1 Orissa Foundation Day 1 is celebrated in April. On 1 April 1936, Odisha was made an independent province. After independence, the princely states of Odisha and its surroundings handed over their power to the Government of India. All the princely states of Odisha merged with the entire state of Odisha in January 1949 under the Order of 1949 relating to the merger of princely states (provinces under the governor). Odisha has many ancient names like Kalinga, Utkal and Udara, but this region is mainly famous for the land of Lord Jagannath. 9.b. The foundation day of the Reserve Bank of India was observed on 01 April 1. The Reserve Bank of India was established on 1 April 1935 as per the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Initially, the central office of the Reserve Bank was established in Kolkata but in 1937 it was permanently transferred to Mumbai. The central office is the place where the Governor sits and where policies are formulated. Since nationalization in 1949, the Reserve Bank is fully owned by the Government of India. 10.d. In the midst of the lockdown of 7.6 percent, there has been a big cut in the interest on small savings schemes. In the period of economic slowdown, the government has reduced the interest rate of many important schemes including Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Public Provident Fund accounts, Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, National Savings Certificate in the April-June quarter.

Download Best Books Static Gk pdf Download Handbook of Static Gk pdf download

Current Affairs in English 30 March to 04 April 2020 Current Affairs Weekly Quiz for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs only on gsmastermind.com for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs

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