Political Science Notes for NTA Ugc NET And For IAS UPSC


Why is political science an important for political science IAS candidates? 

Political Science is an important subject for Civil Services Mains Examination. Some students refrain from choosing political science as a popular elective. However, many students feel political science and international relations as the IAS elective subject offers many benefits. If a student takes political science as an elective, they will study for the prelims section alongside this elective and thus help save time for other subjects. 

Importance of This Method

This method helps students to combine UPSC prelims and mains preparation. In addition, concepts are common in political science and anyone who reads newspapers regularly will be able to understand and formulate it. The idea that the course of political science is too large is only partially true. In fact, many subjects like Liberal, Neoliberal, Marxist, pluralistic, colonialism and feminist are repeated political theories and philosophies. In addition, a good knowledge of subjects in governance such as governance, international relations, etc. can also help during the interview session.

Why this aim is important?

With the aim of providing a comprehensive online resource for the preparation of Civil Service Mains and State Civil Services, we have highlighted in detail the entire course of Political Science. The syllabus is divided into various sections. Each section is important for the success of students in the main examination. Students are advised to read the syllabus of political science paper thoroughly and prepare accordingly.

Mains Syllabus of Political Science for IAS and UPSC exams.

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