Top-10 Current Affairs Weekly One Line 30 March to 04 April 2020

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Top-10 Current Affairs Weekly One Line 30 March to 04 April 2020

Current Affairs Weekly One Line Quiz of  30 March to 04 April 2020. it is For bank exams and all govt Railway NTPC And UPSC, IAS, Bank Exams And All Govt Jobs. 

Current Affairs in English from  30 March to 04 April 2020 Quiz.

Its for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs only on for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs


GsMasterMind is has been presenting selected and important Top-10 Weekly Current Affairs Events for the whole week. It mainly consists of – Asian Youth Sports 2021 and Defense Research and Development Organization. This Quiz of the whole week for students and readers preparing for competitive exams we presenting the information related to the Weekly Current Affairs in a new form under the title Current Affairs in English  30 March to 04 April 2020 gk current affairs for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs In English. It Is For the convenience of the readers and Students. We Also Provide Daily And Weekly Current Affairs Quizzes Of The Top 10 Current AffairsGk Current Affairs For Students And Readers Preparing For Competitive Exams Like NTA UGC Net, Bank EXAMS, UPSC, IAS, Etc.

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It mainly consists of – World Goureya Day and Defense Research and Development Organization.


Current Affairs in English from  30 March to 04 April 2020

 30 March to 04 April 2020 Current Affairs Weekly One Line Quiz for UPSC, IAS, UKSSC, bank exams and all govt jobs only on for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs

• According to the central government, citizens living in Jammu and Kashmir

will be entitled to domicile for 15 years.

• According to the Government of India, the export schemes like Export


Promotion Capital Goods and Duty-Free Import Authority will be extended for as many years – one year

• Autism Awareness Day is celebrated every year on 02 April.

• The institution which has approved the formation of a joint venture between

Adani Green Energy Limited and Total SA in the business of electricity


generation through solar energy in India – Competition Commission of India

• Central Government has increased the average MGNREGA wages by Rs. 20

in the wake of the Kovid-19 global epidemic.

• The United Nations Security Council recently urged immediate ceasefire to


deal with the parties of the Coronavirus epidemic and to ensure humanitarian

aid throughout the country –  Afghanistan

• The Cricket Board which has recently announced a financial package of 60

million pounds to face the financial impact of the Kovid-19 epidemic –  England and Wales Cricket Board


• Recently, the Central Government has reduced the rate of National Savings

Certificate (NSC) from 7.9 percent to as much as 6.8 percent.

• The State Pollution Control Board, according to which the COVID-19 pandemic

has led to a decline in pollution of Cauvery and other rivers in the old Mysore


region due to strict compliance of the recently implemented 21-day lockdown –  Karnataka

• The state government which has decided to purchase Navy-developed Multi-

Feed Oxygen Manifold (MOM) for COVID-19 patients –  Andhra Pradesh

• The state government, which has launched an online initiative to intensify the


fight against the virus after more than 400 cases of Kovid-19, which allows

people to sit at home and investigate on the basis of symptoms of coronavirus –  Maharashtra

• The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has recently forecast that India’s

economic growth rate to be as low as four percent in FY 2021 –  four percent


• According to the figures of the Union Finance Ministry, the percentage of gross

GST revenue (Gross GST Revenue) for March 2020 as compared to March 2019 was recorded as a percentage of – percent.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), as many semi-sub-species of COVID-19 are circulating in India –  three

• The state government has revised the guidelines of the Navaratnalu-


Pedalandariki Illu Program based on the directions given by the High Court –  Andhra Pradesh

• The state government has decided to purchase multi-feed oxygen manifold

developed by Indian Navy, Visakhapatnam to cater to the need of oxygen supply to COVID-19 patients –  Andhra Pradesh

• Recently, the organization which has developed state-of-the-art masks,


sanitizers to ‘bio suits’ in view of the growing threat of Coronavirus in the country –  DRDO

• According to the order of the Central Government, the number of rupees every month for three months will be given in the help of women – Rs 500.

• The organization that has allowed the issuance of an emergency fund of

14,448 crores to help 25 countries in dealing with the coronavirus –  World Bank


• Joe Biden, who was leading the Democratic Party’s candidacy in the US

presidential election said that the country facing the Coronavirus crisis should be given sanctions relief –  Iran

• The Reserve Bank of India has launched a separate channel – Fully 

Accessible Route to enable non-resident Indians to invest in specified government bonds from 1 April.


According to the World Water Development Report released by the organization,

climate change will affect the availability, quality, and quantity of water for basic

human needs, which will affect the basic human rights of water and the availability of clean water for billions of people –  United Nations

Current Affairs Weekly One Line 03 February to 08 February 2020

from 8.4 percent to the percentage which is 7.6 percent.


• Ministry of Tourism recently launched the portal to help foreign tourists

stranded in different parts of India – Stranded  in India

• The theme of Earth Hour 2020 is –  Climate Change and Sustainable Development

• Recently IIT Industrial Design Center has developed a portable UV sanitizer


that can sterilize wallets, purses and other small items –  IIT Bombay

• According to a study done by researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of

Technology in the country, the effect of COVID-19 during the monsoon period may be reduced –  America

• Recently, the central government threshold (Insolvency Threshold) has


announced Rs as crore from Rs 1 lakh to start processes of corporate bankruptcy -1 crore

• Recently researchers based on the analysis of an ancient fossil found in the

country of Migusha found out how human hands have evolved –  Canada

• Recently the organization has approved the use of blood plasma for the


treatment of seriously ill patients of COVID-19 –  US Food and Drug Administration

• India ratings have reduced the growth estimate of the Indian economy to as

much as a percentage for 2020-21 – 3.6 percent

• Recently the country whose comedian Ken Shimura died due to coronavirus –  Japan


Top-10 Current Affairs in English 09 March to 15 March 2020. Current Affairs Weekly One Line Quiz of 09 March to 15 March 2020. it is For Railway NTPC And UPSC, IAS, Bank Exams And All Govt Jobs.

• The state government which has launched a mobile app PRAGYAAM to issue

e-passes to every person engaged in the delivery of essential services during lockdown across the country – Jharkhand 

• Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced the investment of $ 10 

million for the Indian infrastructure sector – 100  million dollars


• Tokyo Olympics 2020 postponed due to coronavirus, now the date next year

between which date – 23 July to 08 August

• The nation whose air force has canceled Phase 1 of its flagship multilateral air

exercise, the Red Flag, to be held in Alaska from April 30 – the  US Air Force


• Recently the countries of the G-20 group organized the ‘G-20 Virtual Summit’

to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic and towards international cooperation, which is headed by – Saudi Arabia 

• Recently India and the country which has signed the rail project worth Rs 15,295 crore –  Japan

• In the relief package announced by the central government, women self-help


groups will be given bail-free loans of up to Rs lakhs under the Deen Dayal National Livelihood Mission – Rs 20 lakhs.

• The central government has approved the insurance scheme announced under

the scheme for health workers engaged in dealing with Kovid-19 –  Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana

• US President Donald Trump has announced a billion-dollar package to deal


with the Kovid-19 epidemic – 2,000 billion

• Recently, the country which has implemented the Defense Production Act in

view of the coronavirus epidemic-  America

• Ministry of Finance has announced to spend Rs 8,000 crores for the year under


the National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications in the Union Budget 2020-21 –  five years

• Recently, a private health sector company Mylab in the city has been approved to make a testing kit for testing COVID-19 – Pune


Weekly Current Affairs Quiz 23 March to 29 March Weekly Current Affairs 2020

Current Affairs in English 30 March to 04 April 2020 Current Affairs Weekly Quiz for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs only on for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs

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