Top-10 Weekly Current Affairs Events 30 March to 04 April 2020

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Top-10 Weekly Current Affairs Events 30 March to 04 April 2020Current Affairs Weekly Quiz of  30 March to 04 April 2020. it is For Railway NTPC And UPSC, IAS, Bank Exams And All Govt Jobs. 

Top-10 Weekly Current Affairs in English from  30 March to 04 April 2020 Weekly Current Affairs Events  30 March to 04 April 2020 Quiz.

Its for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs only on for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs


GsMasterMind is has been presenting selected and important Top-10 Weekly Current Affairs Events for the whole week. It mainly consists of – Asian Youth Sports 2021 and Defense Research and Development Organization. This Quiz of the whole week for students and readers preparing for competitive exams we presenting the information related to the Weekly Current Affairs in a new form under the title Current Affairs in English  30 March to 04 April 2020 gk current affairs for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs In English. It Is For the convenience of the readers and Students. We Also Provide Daily And Weekly Current Affairs Quizzes Of The Top-10 Weekly Current AffairsGk Current Affairs For Students And Readers Preparing For Competitive Exams Like NTA UGC Net, Bank EXAMS, UPSC, IAS, Etc.

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It mainly consists of – World Goureya Day and Defense Research and Development Organization.


Top-10 Weekly Current Affairs in English from  30 March to 04 April 2020

 30 March to 04 April 2020 Current Affairs Weekly One LineQuiz for UPSC, IAS, UKSSC, bank exams and all govt jobs only on for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs

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Let’s start:-

1. China hosts Asian Youth Games 2021, know all about them

The coronavirus epidemic started in Wuhan, China, which spread to Europe, America, and Asia. the Tokyo Olympics had to be postponed for a year. 

The Asian Olympic Council (OCA) has decided to hold the Asian Youth Games from 20 November to 28 November.


So far, more than 50 thousand people have died in the whole world due to coronavirus while more than 1 million people are infected by it. 

The number of infected patients in India has reached close to 2700, while the death toll has crossed 60.

2. DRDO develops organic soot with seam sealing glue

Scientists from various DRDO laboratories have used their technical know-how to develop textiles, coatings, and nanotechnologies to develop personal protective equipment (PPE), including specific types of coating. Join the clothes.


This industry is ready for production in large quantities. Messrs. Kusumgarh Industries is producing raw materials and coating materials, and the entire suite is being constructed with the help of another vendor. At present, the production capacity is 7,000 suits per day.

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3. Prime Minister Modi released a video message on coronavirus, gave this advice to people

Narinder Modi the Prime Minister is keeping an eye on the ongoing lockdown in the country amid the Coronavirus epidemic. Prime Minister Modi gave a video message to the people of the country fighting the Coronavirus. The Prime Minister shared a video message with the people at 9 am. 

In this challenging time, it has appeared that the country can unite and face this epidemic.


The Prime Minister said that on this April 5, we have to awaken the superpower of 130 crore countrymen. He said that during this time, turn off all the lights of the house, light a candle, lamp, flashlight or mobile flashlight for 9 minutes while standing at the door of the house or in the balcony.

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4. Government launches ‘Aarogya Setu’ mobile app

The main objective of the government is to help users through this app so that they can know whether they have come in contact with patients infected with corona or not. The infection will be detected using the location data and Bluetooth of the smartphone of the users. Even before this, the government has introduced a mobile app named ‘Corona Kavach’.

Many more features have also been provided in the Arogya Setu app. With the help of the chatbot provided in this, you can identify the symptoms of coronavirus. The app also lists health ministry updates and the Coronavirus helpline number of every state of India. Apart from this, the Arogya Setu app also gives users tips to protect themselves from pandemics.


5. Nasa Announces Sunrise Mission, Learn All About It

The purpose of this mission is also to help scientists understand the functioning of the solar system. It will also help to protect astronauts visiting Moon and Mars from the solar storms in the future. This mission is expected to start on 1 July 2023.

To gather more information about the Sun, also to find out how the Sun affects weather events in space. This will make it easier to reduce the effects of space weather on astronauts and spacecraft. The Sunrise mission will have six CubeSats that will serve as a very large radio telescope.

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6. Kovid-19 epidemic biggest challenge since World War II: United Nations


According to the United Nations, it is a terrible global crisis because it is a combination, on one hand, a disease that is a threat to everyone all over the world and on the other it has economic effects that will cause the recession and such recession that one of its recent histories The example would not have been seen.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that to achieve this goal, there is an urgent need to increase the investigative capacity of cases, detect the affected, keep them isolated and limit the movement of people. He stressed the need for a quick coordinated health response in this direction so that the epidemic can be eradicated along with controlling the spread of infection.

Caught in 7 bart to assist foreign tourists ‘ stranded in India ‘ launched portal

The whole world is facing a sudden situation due to Coronavirus and this is an important effort towards ensuring the betterment of tourists especially tourists coming from other countries. In this sequence, the Ministry of Tourism remains vigilant and is encouraging various initiatives for assistance based on the needs of tourists.


Coronavirus has taken the form of an epidemic worldwide, due to which all countries including India have banned international air travel. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days on 24 March to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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8. The major decision of the US government will increase nuclear ban on Iran

According to the US Foreign Ministry,

Iran will never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. The main purpose of the sanctions is to prevent Iran from making nuclear weapons. With this, it will be difficult for Tehran to make nuclear weapons. President Donald Trump said that Iran would never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons.


The United States imposed sanctions in the year 2018 by canceling the Iran nuclear deal. There has been an atmosphere of tension between America and Iran for a long time. The US had killed a large Iranian commander in a missile attack in the past, after which weapons were used from both sides.

9. jarkhand government mobile apps for the- ” Prgyam ‘ launched

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren launched this app on 30 March 2020. This is an android app and its found on the Android platform. This PRAGYAAM app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. District traffic officers can issue online e-passes to vehicles after checking the documents uploaded on this app.

This app will help ensure the smooth operation of essential services during the 21-day lockdown period. This app will also help to avoid issuing a fake pass and support the authorities concerned in verifying the details of the person.


10. Poverty will increase in East Asia, China’s economic growth may also slow: World Bank

The World Bank expressed this assessment in a report released on 30 March 2020. The report said that the growth rate in the region this year could be 2.1 percent, which was 5.8 percent in 2019. The report also clears China’s economic development could be eclipsed by the Corona epidemic.

In this report, the global epidemic is used for such infectious diseases, the danger faced by people all over the world at the same time. It spreads when a new virus easily infects people and infections start spreading from person to person.

Top-10 Weekly Current Affairs in English 30 March to 04 April 2020 Current Affairs Weekly Quiz for UPSC, IAS, bank exams and all govt jobs only on for general knowledge questions and answers And gk current affairs FOR Sarkari Naukri, free alert jobs

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