latest current affairs in English Weekly Quiz: 06 Jan to 12 Jan 2020

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Weekly latest current affairs Quiz: 06 Jan to 12 Jan 2020 current affairs in English


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1. On which of the following days is World Hindi Day celebrated?

a. 08 February

b. 10 January


c. 14 March

d. 20 September

2. On which day the first lunar eclipse of the year 2020 will be seen in India?

a. 08 January


b. 09 January

c. 10 January

d. 11 January

3. Who is the director of the recently announced Mithali Raj biopic Shabash Mithu?


a. Rahul Dholakia

b. Zoya Akhtar

c. Abbas Mastan

d. Karan Johar


4. Which of the following Indian cities will host the International Naval Program ‘Milan’ to be held in March 2020?

a. Mumbai

b. Coimbatore

c. Goa


d. Visakhapatnam

5. The Supreme Court has recently ordered cases under the age of minor accused to be classified as a serious crime rather than heinous, under how many years?

a. 5

b. 6


c. 7

d. 8

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6. In which of the following places, India’s first turtle rehabilitation center has been announced?

a. Chambal


b. Hisar

c. Kozhikode

d. Bhagalpur

7. Which neighboring country of India has announced a ban on single-use plastics in coastal areas?


a. Bangladesh

b. Bhutan

c. Sri Lanka

d. Myanmar


8. Who has been appointed by Iran as the new chief of the Quds Force after the death of General Qasim Sulemani, Iran’s top commander in the US Airstrike?

a. Ismail Kani


b. Josep Burrell

c. Ayatollah Ali Khomeini


d. Mehmood Hashmi Shahraudi

9. How many accused in the Nirbhaya case have been issued a death warrant by the court to be hanged on 22 January 2020?

a. Three

b. Four


c. Five

d. Six

10. The book ‘Karmayodha Granth’ based on which of the following people was recently inaugurated by Home Minister Amit Shah?

a. Vallabhbhai Patel


b. Veer Savarkar

c. Narendra Modi

d. Atal Bihari Vajpayee



Answer the latest current affairs 2020:

1. b. 10 January

Every year, World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10 January. Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh announced to celebrate World Hindi Day from 2006 to 10 January. The first World Hindi Conference was organized on 10 January 1976 in Nagpur. It was attended by 122 delegates from 30 countries.

2. c. January 10,

2020, the first lunar eclipse of January 10 will begin Friday night from 10 to 39 minutes and will last till 02:40 in the early hours of January 11. This lunar eclipse will last for a period of 04 hours 01 minutes. It will be seen in many parts of Europe, Australia, and Africa including India. Be aware that a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and covers its satellite Moon with its shadow.


3. a. Rahul Dholakia

will play Taapsee Pannu cricketer Mithali Raj in ‘Shabash Mithu’. Rahul Dholakia has made films like Raees before this. Mithali Raj was the first Indian batsman to score 2000 runs in T20 International, Mithali Raj was born on 3 December 1982 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. His name holds the record for most 214 runs scored by women cricketers.

4. d. Visakhapatnam

‘Milan 2020′ is a multilateral maneuver of the Navy. Its goal is to increase professional contacts between navies and learn from each other’s strengths and best traditions in the maritime sector. Out of the 41 countries’ navies invited for participation in ‘Milan 2020’, the navies of 30 countries have confirmed their participation. After the successful hosting of the International Fleet Review (IFR) in February 2016, Visakhapatnam will host the International Naval Program ‘Milan’ in March 2020.


5. c. 7 The

Supreme Court has said that in cases where the minimum sentence is less than seven years or not fixed, the crime should be classified as a serious offense and not a heinous crime in the case of a minor accused. At present, if a minor between 16 and 18 years of age has committed a heinous crime, then there is a provision to run his case like an adult. In the current case, a case of non-intentional murder was registered against a minor in a motor accident case. The lower court, considering the crime as a heinous category, had ordered a case to be run on it like an adult, while the Supreme Court said that this case does not fall under the category of the heinous crime.

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6. d. Bhagalpur In

January 2020, the first rehabilitation center for turtles is planned to be inaugurated in Bhagalpur Forest Division, Bihar. This rehabilitation center is the first such center being built for the rehabilitation of freshwater turtles. This rehabilitation center is spread over about half an acre of land and can shelter about 500 turtles at a time.


7. a. Bangladesh

A High Court of Bangladesh has ordered a ban on single-use plastic in coastal areas, hotels and restaurants to tackle plastic pollution. According to a study by the organization called Environment and Social Development, 87,000 tonnes of single-use plastic, including plastic bags, bottles, cups, and plates are thrown in Bangladesh every year. There are 15 countries around the world that have completely banned single-use plastic. These 15 countries are – Antigua and Barbuda, China, Colombia, Romania, Senegal, Rwanda, South Korea, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Samoa, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Albania, India, and Georgia. Bangladesh announced a ban on single-use only in 2002, but it has not yet been implemented properly.

8. a. Ismail Kani

Ismail Kani joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in 1980. Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, Iran’s top leader, described Kani as ‘one of the best commanders of the Iran-Iraq (1980-88) war’. General Ismail Kani has also conducted military operations in Syria and Yemen.


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9. b. A

the hearing was held in Patiala House Court on 07 January 2020 regarding the Nirbhaya incident in 2012 in Delhi, the capital of four countries. The four convicts, in this case, will be hanged on January 22. The four convicts Akshay, Mukesh, Vinay, and Pawan have already been sentenced to death. There were six accused in this case, out of which one accused committed suicide in jail while another minor accused was released on completion of the sentence.

10. c. Narendra Modi The

Union Home Minister released the book ‘Karmyodha Granth’ on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to the book, Karmyodha is a person who is a politician, a tough executive, a competent administrator, and an ideal leader. All these qualities are described in Narendra Modi. On this occasion, Amit Shah said that to know Narendra Modi it is necessary to know his background. He has served to serve the country with patriotism while enduring poverty, scarcity, neglect.


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